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Food Plot Installation and Maintenance

CreekBottom Land Management specializes in the installation and maintenance of all food plot types. We incorporate "Food Plot Architecture" which utilizes multiple different deer food plot designs and strategies that will help attract more deer to your property and hold them on it. With a large variety of food plot equipment available, we will make any food plot dream come to life for you.

Food Plot Installation
            SERVICES INCLUDED            
            Weed Control   Plowing           
            Tilling            Dragging        
    Seeding           Fertilizing
   Liming             Mowing
          Soil Testing     Rock Removal     
Pricing based upon travel, seed/fertizlier/lime quantity, time on site
We GUARANTEE a SUCCESSFUL food plot, or we will RE-DO your food plot at NO EXTRA COST to the property owner!
* Success based on environmental conditions, realistic growth intervals, and site location. CreekBottom Land Management will make FINAL DECISION on whether food plot was a success based on the above factors.
Additional Food Plot Services
   Mowing           Spraying
Fertilizing         Liming 
Food plots require a lot of upkeep at times, and we understand that sometimes the equipment and/or time just isn't available to perform maintenance. Choose from our above services to keep your food plots in tip top shape.
Pricing based upon travel, seed/fertilizer/lime quantity, time on site
skidloader bucket
picking stones
Soil Testing:
Fertilizer and Lime Use
When starting any new food plot or enhancing an existing food plot, we highly recommend having your soil tested and analyzed for proper fertizlier and lime use. 
Call For Pricing
Availble Testing Parameters


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