Land Management Consultations and Plan Write-Up

CreekBottom Land Management specializes in preparing land management plans for a large variety of properties and ecosystems. The consult includes a discussion of your goals, discussion of previous management history of the land, description of services we provide, travel to your location, general walk of the land, and full written management plan. With this consult I will also provide a proposal stating cost of services in retrospect to the plan we design. Lastly and most importantly, we provide an aerial design layout of the land, future corridors, future food plot locations, bedding improvement locations, and overall guide to follow on your management plan.

Land Management Plan Highlights
- Bedding Areas Locations                                   -Food Plot Design and Architecture
- Wildlife Pond Placement                                    -Fruit Orchard Planting and Care
- Pine Tree Plantations for Bedding and Screens     -Hardwood Plantings
- Food Plot and Stand Access Screening                 -Stand Placement
Pricing Based On Distance From Main Office

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