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Zachary (Zach) Haas
Land Management Specialist /Aquatic Biologist
  • Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

    • Major - Biology

    • Minor - Water Resource Management

  • National Deer Association

    • Class 1 Steward

    • Club Member

  • Wisconsin Bowhunter's Association - Sponsor

  • DATCP Licensed Commercial Applicator for Hire

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent - Base Camp Country Real Estate


My name is Zach Haas, I grew up in and around Wisconsin my whole life. I currently live in Rosendale, WI with my beautiful wife Hailey Haas and my amazing two kids (Wyatt and Summer). I grew up on a small horse farm in the country with my parents on the outskirts of Eden, Wisconsin. I graduated from UW-Stevens Point in 2011 where I obtained a bachelor's degree in biology and water resources. I used my degree to become a senior aquatic biologist for a Wisconsin based pond and lake management firm where I worked for nearly two decades managing over 1,500 lakes and ponds. 


Growing up I always was an outdoorsman at heart. My father, Dan Haas, got me into hunting at a very early age. He took me everywhere when he was heading out to do some type of outdoor activity. Whether it was baiting for bear, setting up bow/gun stands for deer, calling in a big gobbler, reeling in big bass and bluegills, or just taking me out to shoot a couple rabbits and squirrels, I learned a lot from him. As soon as I legally could hunt at age twelve, I was in the woods. Throughout my hunting career I have had many mentors, but above all my dad taught me the most.


Taking this passion of hunting I took it one step further and started to learn the processes involved in managing a deer herd. From my classes at UW-Stevens Point, my QDMA (now NDA) Class 1 stewardship course, and other land management professionals I began to fine tune the process to holding bigger and healthier deer and turkeys. Unlike many land managers, I am able to take a wide range of wildlife biology and management into the planning of your land management plan. Based off research, experience, and teachings I will help improve your land to the quality that you always dreamed of having.


Zach Haas
Zach Haas
Zach Haas
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