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In Memory of Daniel J. Haas

Dan Haas Iowa buck
Daniel Haas Wisconsin Muzzleloader buck
Dan Haas
Dan Haas

I Love You Dad

In Memory of
Daniel J. Haas
  • Father, Husband, Brother, Grandfather, Friend, Conservationist, Inventor, and Entrepreneur  

  • Wisconsin Hunter Safety Instructor

  • Wisconsin Bowhunter Safety Instructor

  • National Rifle Association Member

  • Quality Deer Management Association Member

  • Lifetime North American Hunting Club Member

  • National Wild Turkey Federation Member


Dan (My Dad) was the pivotal driving force in helping me start CreekBottom Land Management. He taught me so much about how to work the land, how to establish and grow plants, how to properly cut and fell a tree, how whitetail deer and turkey survive and exist on various properties throughout the state, the proper way to plant a tree, and so much more! He pushed me to become a better conservationist, hunter, and land manager, and I wouldn't be where I am today without him. Because of him I pushed myself to be a bigger part of this world and to help protect everything that God has granted us.

My dad was a very compassionate man when it came to helping out wildlife and embracing God's glory in it all. Through him I learned to truly enjoy God's creation, and the morals of being a conservationist and hunter. He loved to teach others about hunting, archery, fishing, trapping, etc. I am so proud to be a living memory of my father, and am so privileged to be passing on his truly legendary legacy which someday I will teach my son Wyatt all about so that he can do the same.

I could write a book about my dad's accomplishments, and what he truly meant to me, but for now I will finish saying that I do look forward to the day that I can see him again and hunt the woods and fields up in heaven with him. Until that day comes though I will continue on representing his goals, accomplishments, and who he was as a hard working man, a role model, a father to my sisters and I, a husband to my beautiful mother, an uncle to my many cousins, and a mentor to so many family friends!

Rest in peace and may you find peace with the Lord, and when the day comes that my time is up on this earth we will be food plotting the fields in heaven.

Dan Haas
Dan Haas
Corn garden
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