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Hinge Cutting and Bedding Improvement

CreekBottom Land Management knows that to harvest big bucks, you need to house big bucks. The best way to do this is to create preferred bedding areas for your deer herd. Hinge cut bedding areas coupled with travel corridors is a great way to make your property a big buck sanctuary.

Wisconsin hinge cutting for deer bedding
Box elder deer hinge cut
Hinge Cutting/Bedding Creation
Feel as if your land is just a pass through location? Does it seem that deer are not making your property home?
Let us provide a sense of security and "home" for your deer by hinge cutting areas of your property. Not only will the deer use these areas for bedding, but performing hinge cuts can provide ample browse throughout the season (both hinged and new growth trees). Hinge Cuts are proven areas not only to help establish security, but also allow for undergrowth to take off which can be in the form of preferred trees and/or forage for wildlife.
We highly recommend having a consult performed prior to help design and locate preferred hinge cut areas and tree species.
 Call and/or Email CreekBottom for Pricing
Travel Corridor Design/Cutting

Are you tired of having deer wonder aimlessly  around your stand only to pick up your scent and/or human figure? Or are you looking at directing your deer to a secluded perennial plot or possibly a certain shooting lane?


We will help design travel corridor and natural barriers to "push" your deer into the area of interest. Whether you are looking at getting a better shot opportunity, push the deer in your preferred wind scenario, or get better pictures on your trail cameras, let us help "push" your deer in the right direction.


We highly recommend having a consult performed prior to help design and locate preferred travel corridors and barricade locations.

Call and/or Email CreekBottom for Pricing

Hinge cut travel corridor for deer
Wisconsin hinge cut deer travel corridor
Need Additional Tree Removal Services?
We are able to provide referrals for general tree removal if needed. In addition if you are looking for cutting, removal, and sale of white oak and black walnut we highly recommend RH Peplinski Logging (information below).

White Oak and Black Walnut Timber Sales
RH Peplinski Logging
3800 Ridge Road, Kewask
um WI 53040

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