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Tree Planting and Maintenance

For any successful management plan, trees play a large role in providing security, forage, and bedding. CreekBottom Land Management specializes in planting native trees to our great state of Wisconsin, as well as trees that are local to your area. Once those trees mature, we also have the means to maintain, prune, and even is some occasions, selectively harvest.


apple tree
Food Plot Tree Planting and Design
Many property owners tend to stray away from the idea of utilizing "food plot" trees for their ultimate land management plan. These trees include chesnut, apple trees, hazelnut, pear trees, and many many more. Having food plot trees planting in an orchard style pattern or along a food plot can increase your success while hunting tremendously. 


Bedding Tree Planting and Design

Many property owners direct most of their attention to feeding their deer herd. However, one major aspect of proper wildlife management and habitat improvement is giving your deer an area to feel safe, and to bed down in. We have planted over 60,000 pine trees in our careers which has aided in increasing the amount of whitetail visiting the area. Pine trees also help to increase your success in getting in and out of your treestand by creating entrancing/exiting corridors.

pine trees
planted trees
General Tree Planting and Design

Along with the planting of bedding areas, and food plot tree locations, we also will help to establish trees for perimeter seclusion, landscape design, and/or to fill in a barren area. Many trees exist. With the experts at CreekBottom Land Management we will help pick out the right trees for you, and make sure that they are taken care of in their early stages.

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