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Scouting and Herd Health Improvement


Trail Camera Scouting and Monitoring
Have you bought a piece of property, but run into the problem that it is often times difficult to find time to visit the land due to distance or lack of time? Worry no longer! We will go out to your property on a selected time period to check your properties cameras. Whether the cameras are for security of personal items or to find that next big buck, we will swap your cards, email/mail you the photos, and make sure the camera battery and positioning never fails you.


Mineral Site Creation and Monitoring

Along with checking your cameras, our staff will prepare yearly mineral sites for your deer herd. Utilizing the best mineral in the industry for overall herd health and antler growth, we will be able to help give your lactating does, young fawns, and bucks of all ages the nutrition they need.


*Mineral shall be placed based on the state rules and regulations on baiting and feeding whitetail deer. Link for Wisconsin's regulations is found below.



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